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Architects of Change

Join Logicalis in the Partner Showcase to see our innovative IoT solutions in action.  Learn what we’re doing with data from sensors and connected devices to transform the way organizations do business.

Partner Showcase Cisco GSX FY19 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas | August 20 – 22

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Reduce cost and increase productivity for your agri-business customers.  Check out our greenhouse automation solution, the LoRa-WAN solutions for rural areas, and the agricultural operations center that combines precision farming with IT infrastructure.

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Help providers create scale and gain efficiencies.  Today’s healthcare initiatives require advanced applications, including Telehealth, EMR, and Imaging.  In turn these advanced applications create new revenue streams and drive digital transformation for your healthcare customers.

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Smart Cities

See what we’re doing for one of the largest smart city and street lighting projects in Brazil.  Learn how to replicate a smart waste management project in Spain for a city in your area.  Bringing together LoRa-WAN, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, and Logicalis’ innovative analytical platform can help local governments everywhere.

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Help your customers improve productivity and reduce loss.  See how our predictive maintenance project for Renault-Nissan uses solutions like fog computing, industrial network, sensoring, and cloud.

About us

Cisco and Logicalis, a Global Gold Certified Partner, have been working together for more than 20 years.  We harness digital technology and innovative services to deliver powerful business outcomes, making technology an asset for society. 

With our IoT solutions implemented worldwide, we help businesses succeed, communities function more effectively, and public services delivered more efficiently.  Logicalis serves local and global customers throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

What about technology?

How IoT is going to change our daily routine? 

What are the improvements that technology applications can bring to our environment?

Logicalis and Cisco realize the world and technology changes and are prepared to bring solutions, efficiency and innovation to communities.

Go deeper in IT transformation

Take a look at some of our technology and business articles at CXO Unplugged, the Logicalis Global blog for IT community. Find here your daily source filter for informative and cutting-edge posts, allowing you and your peers to join in conversation on various topics affecting the industry.

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